After cold war, a new cold war or cold war II has arisen between:

  • Russia & U.S
  • Russia & China
  • China & U.S
  • Non of these


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There are various interpretations and opinions on whether a new Cold War has emerged after the end of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, there is no definitive consensus on what constitutes Cold War II, as there are multiple potential flashpoints and rivalries around the world.

Some analysts argue that tensions between the United States and Russia, particularly over issues such as Ukraine, Syria, and election interference, resemble aspects of the original Cold War. Others suggest that the growing rivalry between the United States and China, especially in areas such as trade, technology, and military competition, could lead to a new Cold War.

Additionally, there are regional conflicts and tensions that could contribute to a new Cold War, such as the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan or the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Middle East.

Overall, while there are certainly complex geopolitical tensions and rivalries in the world today, it remains to be seen whether these conflicts will ultimately escalate to a level that can be compared to the intensity and global scope of the original Cold War.