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Our Motto – Fresh MCQs

Fresh MCQs is a largest Pakistan ‘s MCQs online platform; our motto is to help the aspirants for competitive exams like FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS, CTSP, OTS etc.

New Pattern of Exams – Pak MCQs

We are well conscious of the challenges of a new pattern of exams. Fresh MCQs wants to enable all participants to compete with the hundreds of thousands of job competitors. It is a fact that the job of competition has become challenging. The only way to succeed is to know the new pattern and to prepare the syllabus on a new line.

On our platform, “Fresh MCQs” questions are in a balanced way and sequence. Relevant material, videos and horizontal and vertical genealogical tree preparation method support all the questions.

It is also important to mention here that all the material on Fresh MCQs has been taken from the notes of seasoned and most successive candidates for FPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams. Aspirants are well aware that today examiner takes the material for Pak MCQs, General Knowledge MCQs and Current Affair MCQs etc., directly from websites and other online resources.

PPSC Syllabus, FPSC Syllabus

Typically the syllabus for MCQs papers is one hundred marks paper on General Knowledge mcqs, Pak Studies mcqs, Current Affairs mcqs, Islamic Studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim Candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English Urdu, Everyday Science and Computer Studies questions. For the complete syllabus preparation, every portion must be prepared separately. On freshmcqs.com, all portions are bifurcated in such a way that all the portions are in separate identical well-structured identities. At the same time, well-knitted, structured and linked not only with other questions but also with the websites from where the examiner takes the material. On freshmcqs.com, all these portions have been based mainly on Basic Mathematics, Computer Science and English.

Our Plans @ Fresh MCQs

“Fresh MCQs” will launch online exercises and written test exams regularly. We believe this is the only way to compete in the job market and get a dream job easily and quickly. Our platform will provide you with all the help required to prepare for competitive exams like FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS, CTSP, OTS, UTS etc. We believe in your success with our slogan, “Try! Try! Till You Succeed”.