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  • Put up with meaning

    • Tolerate
    • Show
    • Put up with means
    • None of these
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    Put up with means to tolerate or endure an unpleasant or difficult situation, behavior, or person without complaining or taking action to remove it. For example, She has to put up with her noisy neighbor’s loud music every night.

  • Egregious synonym:

    Urdu Meaning: انتہائی برا، قابل مذمت

    • Marvellous
    • Concealed
    • Insignificant
    • Shocking
  • “Vituperate” synonym?

    • Abuse
    • Praise
    • Honor
    • None of these

    “Vituperate” means to criticize or condemn someone or something harshly and abusively. It is an act of verbally abusing or insulting someone with harsh language. Vituperation can be a form of verbal attack, often used to express strong disapproval or anger towards a person or a group of people.

  • Synonym of “prevalent”?

    • widespread
    • uncommon
    • rare
    • None of these

    The word prevalent refers to something that is widespread or commonly occurring. It can be used to describe a situation or a condition that is present in a particular group or area.

  • Select the pair which has the same analogy After : Before

    • First : Second
    • Successor : Predecessor
    • Present : Past
    • Contemporary : Historic
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    The correct pair in the given analogy is: Successor : Predecessor

    Successor is someone who comes after another person in a particular position, while predecessor refers to the person who held that position before the successor. Therefore, the relationship between the two words is that of after and before, respectively.

    The other pairs do not have the same analogy as After : Before.

  • Choose the analogy that is similar to Cat : Kitten.

    • Pup : Dog
    • Elephant : Calf
    • Cow : Calf
    • Monkey : Pup


  • The old woman lived alone, with ___ to look after ___.

    • Anyone, them
    • No one, her
    • Everyone, herself
    • Someone, her


  • Who is trying to defend you there? the word “Who” is a:

    • Verb
    • Interrogative pronoun
    • Noun
    • Adjective