Agra Summit was a two days summit which remained:-

  • Successful
  • Un-Conclusive
  • Delayed Till Further
  • Non of these


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The Agra Summit was a two-day summit between the leaders of India and Pakistan that was held in Agra, India, in July 2001. The summit was aimed at resolving the long-standing issues between the two countries, including the Kashmir dispute.

However, the Agra Summit was ultimately un-conclusive. Despite intense negotiations and discussions, the two sides were unable to reach a consensus on the key issues, and the summit ended without any agreement being reached.

The summit was seen as a missed opportunity to resolve the long-standing issues between India and Pakistan, and the failure of the summit had a negative impact on the relations between the two countries. Nonetheless, the Agra Summit remains an important moment in the history of India-Pakistan relations and efforts towards peace and stability in the region.