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Literacy Mobilizer Jobs 2023


                 Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the post of Literacy Mobilizer in the Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education Department Punjab. This is an excellent opportunity with a great chance of getting selected, as there are a total of 394 posts available. With such a significant number of vacancies, you have a 100% selection possibility if you meet the necessary qualifications and requirements. So, prepare yourself thoroughly and seize this golden opportunity to secure a promising career as a Literacy Mobilizer in Punjab.. Here, we will delve into the job description, responsibilities, required qualifications, syllabus for the jobs of Literacy Mobilizer, salary & perks and the significance of their work in advancing literacy and education in Punjab.

Literacy Mobilizer (BPS-14) Appointing Authority: Director Operations

Reporting Authority: DEO (Lit)/Authorized Officer. 

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394PPSC Advertisement No. 31/2022Corrigendum

Literacy Mobilizer Past Papers

The Punjab Public Service Commission has never conducted the examination for the posts of Literacy Mobilizer. Previously, the National Testing Service (NTS) administered the exams for the project-based posts of Literacy Mobilizer in the Department of Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education, Punjab, Pakistan. This is the first time that the PPSC is conducting the Literacy Mobilizer exams. Therefore, past papers are not available in the market. If someone claims to provide them, they are fake.

What is a Literacy Mobilizer?

            A Literacy Mobilizer is an individual responsible for mobilizing and engaging stakeholders to promote literacy and non-formal basic education. They raise awareness, build community partnerships, implement literacy programs, provide training, monitor progress, and mobilize resources to improve literacy rates and educational opportunities within the community.

Literacy Mobilizer Job Description

Community Mobilization by Literacy Mobilizer:

  • Literacy Mobilizer contacts with well-known and influential persons in the community like Chairman UC, Counselor, Numberdar, Imam Masjid, Retired Civil/ Military Persons etc. Collaborate with these community leaders to promote literacy initiatives and generate support.
  • Conduct meetings with parents of out-of-school children to understand their concerns and encourage enrollment.

School Establishment:

  • Identify areas within a 1.5 km radius that lack government schools.
  • Assess the presence of out-of-school children (OOSC) in the identified areas.
  • Recognize remote and difficult-to-access locations requiring special attention.
  • Support the DEO and field officers in establishing schools for the literacy program.
  • Arrange premises and necessary infrastructure for the schools.

Potential Teachers Identification:

  • Collaborate with the DEO (Lit) and field officers to identify potential teachers for the literacy program.
  • Assist in conducting tests and interviews to select qualified teachers.

Feasibility Submission:

  • Prepare and submit a comprehensive feasibility report for the Non-Formal Education Initiative (NFEI) to the relevant authorities.

Operation of NFEI:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of the NFEI by providing necessary supplies such as learners’ kits and center kits.
  • Collect data from teachers and disseminate instructions to them.

Mobilization Meetings:

  • Organize meetings with parents of enrolled learners to promote retention.
  • Conduct meetings with the community and parents of out-of-school learners to encourage enrollment.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Regularly monitor and oversee the operations of two assigned schools on a daily basis.
  • Ensure compliance with educational standards, curriculum implementation, and quality of teaching.
  • Identify areas for improvement and provide guidance and support to teachers and staff to enhance educational outcomes.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance and compliance of teachers in carrying out their assigned duties.
  • Provide support in teacher training and assist in preparing salary bills and disbursing salaries.

Enrolment and Mainstreaming:

  • Take exclusive responsibility for the enrolment, retention, and mainstreaming of learners.
  • Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance enrolment and retention rates.

Rural Outreach:

  • Conduct extensive tours of rural and peripheral urban areas to reach out to the target population.
  • Engage in intensive interaction with the rural populace to understand their needs and challenges.

Assignments and Instructions:

  • Receive assignments and instructions from the Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education (L&NFBE) Department and ensure their timely execution.

Qualifications and Skills Required for the post of Literacy Mobilizer:

Prescribed Qualification/Experience As Per Service Rules

B.A or B.Sc. (Second Division) from a university recognized by Higher Education Commission

Age for PPSC Literacy Mobilizer Jobs

Male: 20 to 28 +7 = 35 years, Female: 20 to 28 + 10 = 38 years.

As per Government of the Punjab Notification No.SOR-I (S&GAD)9- st 36/81 dated 21 May 2012 and Notification No.SOR-I (S&GAD)9- th 2/2022 dated 26 January 2022.

Gender, Domicile & Place Of Posting

GENDER: Male, Female & Transgender,
DOMICILE: All Punjab Basis,
PLACE OF POSTING: Anywhere in Punjab

Literacy Mobilizer Jobs Syllabus

The syllabus is given in PPSC advertisement for the subject post on PPSC official website, the same is reproduced as it is, “One paper MCQ type Written Test of 100 marks and 90 minutes duration comprising questions on General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Every-day Science and Basic Computer Studies.”

Literacy Mobilizer salary in Pakistan

 As per the pay scale of the Literacy Mobilizer (BPS-14) and according to Contract Appointment Policy 2004, Govt. of the Punjab. The pay and allowances are mentioned bellow, there may be a difference due to the upcoming budget:

0001-Basic Pay22,530.00
1000-House Rent Allowance2,214.00
1210-Convey Allowance  20052,856.00
1300-Medical Allowance1,500.00
1842-Social Security Ben – 30%6,759.00
2321-Special Allow 2021 25%3,795.00
2347-Adhoc Rel Al 15% 22(PS17)2,277.00
2353-Special All 15% 22(PS17)2,277.00
2378-Adhoc Relief All 2023 35% ) 7,886
Gross Pay and Allowances52,094

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is the first time PPSC has announced Literacy Mobilizer posts on a contract basis. Previously, Literacy Mobilizers were recruited through NTS for project-based posts, and they have not yet been confirmed by the department. However, the District Officer Literacy were recruited by the Punjab Public Service Commission, and they have been confirmed by the department. Therefore, it is expected that the posts of Literacy Mobilizer will be confirmed by the department.

The pay of a Literacy Mobilizer is more than fifty five thousand rupees.

Certainly, the post of Literacy Mobilizer is suitable for females.

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has not yet announced the date of the written test for the posts of Literacy Mobilizer. However, it is expected that the test will be conducted in the month of August 2023. To stay updated on the schedule of written tests, please visit the PPSC website and refer to the Planner section.

Main duties of Literacy Mobilizer are as under:

  • Community Mobilization
  • School Establishment
  • Potential Teachers Identification
  • Feasibility Submission
  • Operation of NFEI
  • Mobilization Meetings
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Enrolment and Mainstreaming
  • Rural Outreach
  • Assignments and Instructions

For test date, results and interview schedule keep visiting PPSC official website: