Nobel Prize 2022

Nobel Prize 2022 MCQs

Nobel Prize 2022

Nobel Prize 2022 has been awarded in six fields, i.e., Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Peace and Literature. 02 persons have been awarded the unshared Nobel Prize in Medicine and Literature, while Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to 02 organizations, and 02 women have also received the Nobel Prize.

Nobel Prize in Medicine

  • Svante Paabo
    • He belongs to Sweden, and the unshared Nobel Prize 2022 in Medicine has been awarded him.

Nobel Prize in Physics

  • Alain Aspect
    • He belongs to France
  • John Clauser
    • He belongs to US
  • Anton Zeilinger
    • He belongs to Austria

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Carolyn Bertozzi
    • She belongs to US
  • Morten Meldal
    • He belongs to Denmark
  • Barry Sharpless
    • He belongs to US

Nobel Prize in Economics

  • Ben Bernanke
    • He belongs to US
  • Douglas Diamond
    • He belongs to US
  • Philip Dybvig
    • He belongs to US

Nobel Peace Prize

  • Ales Bialiatski
    • He belongs to Belarus.
  • Memorial (Human Rights Organization)
    • Russian Human Rights Organization
  • Center for Civil Liberties (Human Rights Organization)
    • Belongs to Ukraine

Nobel Prize in Literature

  • Annie Ernaux
    • She belongs to France and unshared Nobel Prize 2022 in Literature has been awarded to her.

Some Facts about Nobel Prizes

  • According to Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist Alfred Nobel’s will of 1895, after his death, the Nobel Prize was first awarded in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace in 1901.
  • Nobel Prize in Economics was first awarded in 1969 by Sweden central bank (Sveriges Riksbank).
  • All Nobel Prizes except Nobel Peace Prize are awarded from Stockholm Sweden on 10th December.
  • Nobel Peace Prize is awarded from Oslo, Norway.
  • Linus Pauling is the only person who has been awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes
    • Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954.
    • Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.
  • Five persons have received Nobel prize twice.
  • 61 Nobel Prizes have been Awarded to Womens till 2022.
  • Marie Curie was awarded Nobel Prizes twice
    • Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903
    • Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911.